Ask Expert in Learning Management system (LMS)

Ask expert in Learning Management system (LMS)

Training your employees via an online Learning Management System (LMS) will help you succeed in the workplace, but it won’t provide all of the answers they’ll be looking for along the way. That’s where Ask Expert comes in! This powerful feature allows users to submit their questions directly to their trainer and get an answer fast, so you can minimize lost time and keep productivity high. Let’s take a look at how this feature works and see how it can benefit your organization!

The Ask Expert feature in Bytecasting

Ask expert is a feature in Bytecasting that allows learners to ask questions directly from the Learning Management System. The Ask expert feature helps employees across your organization directly communicate with the Trainers about their queries or problems. Once the learner creates an account, they can write about their problem and submit it to someone in your company who can provide them with an answer.

How do we use it?

Well, when you don’t understand something in your course and you want to clear your doubts, post your query on our chat box. Our experts will provide assistance to you within a minute or two. The best part is that candidates don’t need to use messaging service along with & we are offering free support for all our courses. Whether it’s an online lecture or on-ground seminar; candidates can get help from experts instantly by just logging in and posting your question in our Ask Expert section. You can send us messages regarding a particular video or multiple videos too. In fact, there is no limit to how many questions you can ask at once and get answers for them instantly.

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