Authored Content in Learning Management system

Authored Content in Learning Management system

While authored content might sound like an alien concept in the world of eLearning and training, you can actually use it to improve your course tremendously. It’s that simple! But what exactly is authored content? Authored Content creation involves defining a content strategy, the writing or creation of the content or media for a product or on a particular topic. The individual who creators the substance is liable for ensuring that content is available to individuals with incapacities.

How to Create Content for Your LMS without Using a Rapid Authoring Tools ?

Bytecasting, The world’s first content engineering LMS, aims to help you create your content without using a rapid authoring tool. This allows you to truly focus on creating and publishing your course in just one place, rather than juggling multiple tools and platforms. Many platforms are limited by their functionality, requiring you to add on plugins and extras to get it to do what you want it to do. Bytecasting takes that concept and turns it on its head, providing you with the power of building your own LMS from scratch – giving you complete control over your online courses with no limitations or shortfalls.

Have you ever created an online course, but then found that it was difficult to distribute or access? If so, you’re not alone. As more and more online educators are trying to distribute their content, many find that the traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) don’t meet their needs. Fortunately, Bytecasting can help! This innovative new authoring and distribution platform makes it easy to create engaging, interactive content with minimal effort on your part—and then give it away free or sell it in your own space on the web and keep all of the profits!

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