Creating a course (SCORM /Non SCORM)

Courses like most objects in our system can be created by two ways:

a. The Courses -> Manage Courses in the left menu dashboard of your bytecasting instance

b. The Courses card on the Dashboard

Manage Courses

Click on the Create button and fill in details of the course, like name, start date and end date. Course content can be of 3 types.

Lets first create a SCORM/non SCORM type first.

As soon as the Type of Content is selected, a browse option becomes available to upload the file.

Advanced Menu Options for Creating a course (optional)

Bytecasting LMS gives us a cool feature of adding Course content in a Public Digital Library, which can be accessed by all users across the system. So, if we create a course and the timelines expires, the content can still be used by users to refer to it later.

If we choose to add the course file to the Public Digital Library (PDL) then we can select the category which we want to add it into.

Allow on Mobile is an option for Admin/course creator to choose if he would like to allow this course content to be visible on the mobile app.

We can set the maximum attempts that a user can attempt this course for and the Learning Minutes.

Assigning the course to Users

We can assign a course to individual specific users or to a batch of users. Options to filter out specific users are also available.

Creating a Course (Authored Content)

Navigate from the Left menu to Courses→Manage Courses and click on the Create button.Fill in details of the course, like name, start date and end date and select type as Authored Content

Select the type of Authored content you would like to upload in the system. Click here to know how to create Authored content And once this is selected then we can assign users to the course.

Viewing the assigned courses

Assigned courses are  visible on the user’s Dashboard
User can view courses assigned to him/her from Left Menu: Course → View Assigned courses

Attempting a Course

Once you reach the view assigned course page, attempting a courses just a Click away.
Click on the Start button near the course to Start it.

Depending upon the progress in the course material, the status of the course is updated.
Attempt Status can be In-progress or Complete And if the course is attempted once, then a Restart button is displayed

Viewing and Attempting a assigned course

User can select the Assigned course by viewing in the Dashboard Or by clicking on the 3rd menu and selecting assigned courses. From this page, the User can Start/Restart the course assigned.

Click here to view My Course Report.

Click here to view Course report

Click here to view My Course Report in App