Digital Library

Bytecasting gives all its user an option to access a Public Digital Library. Since this a learning platform, A digital library is a must added entity in the system.

Public Digital Library or PDL is an E-Learning Library which hosts a collection of text, still images, audio, video, and digital documents which are related to the Content of learnings hosted in Bytecasting.

PDL can be accessed by all users in the system by two ways:

1. The Public Digital Library card on the dashboard

2. From the Left menu option of E-Learning libraryPublic Digital Library

Viewing exiting documents in PDL

1. Any user can access the PDL and view the documents available in the library.

2. User can Select the Category and view and access the files available

3. Admins can create a PDL category and add documents in the PDL.

4. Documents, images, video, all files are added in PDL while creating a course content.

Creating a category

Admins can provide any category name and the category can be created. Sub nested category can also be created by clicking on the branch of the existing category and then creating the category.

Adding Content in PDL

Click on the Add content button and it redirects you to the Create Course page . When we create a course, in the Advanced option , add to PDL option is displayed. If this is selected then the course content is added in to PDL , as per the category is selected in the drop down list.

Public Digital Library

User can access the Public Digital Library from the mobile app too . It shows all documents available in the web interface of the Bytecasting LMS.