Creating a Question Bank

Admin can create a Question Bank from the left menu pane under Assessments option.

Create Question in Bank

This takes us to the Manage Question Bank page where already existing question banks are available.

Click on create and fill up the basic details like Name and description of question bank and Click on Create. This creates a new question bank.

More options like Edit, Delete and Configure are available once the Question bank is created.

Edit option take us back to editing the Name and description of the Question back.

Way to Configuring a Question Bank

Click the Configure option when the 3 dots appear in the right side of the selected question bank

Add Different Type of Questions

Lets start with adding one question of each type.

Choose the Multiple Choice and enter the question text and click Save.

Go Through Red Arrow and Set Difficulty Level For Your Questions

Set Difficulty For Questions

After the question is saved, we have an option to configure the Difficulty of the Question and if the Answers need to be shuffled every time they are displayed in the assessment.

Difficulty of the Question and Answer Shuffle options are configured

Add Multiple Choice Question

Click on the Add New Option to add a new answer for the multiple choice. Each answer added is selected to be correct by default. We can check-uncheck the added option .

Each MCQ can have one or more correct answers.

The Trash icon near the added options allows us to delete an option if we need to.

Select True Or False

Once done, we can now proceed to adding another question.

Let’s select True or False type question. We can cancel adding anew question by the small Cancel option available on the top right corner.

Write the statement in the Question field and save it. Select the True or False option as the correct option.

Difficulty of the question can be configured by selecting the small configure icon on the right side.

Add Fill in the Blanks Question

Now lets add a new question of Fill in the Blank type.

Write the statement in the question text. Down below the statement is displayed and we can select any one word as the BLANK word.

Click on the Save button and the question with answer will be saved. A small configure icon is now available on the right corner to set the difficulty of the question.

Going forward now we add a Match the Following type of question now.

Write the question text and click on Save. Options to add answers and the configure icon are now available

Match The Following Question

Click on the Add New Option. Add the correct options pair-wise and save each option.

Multiple pairs can be made.

We have covered all types of the Questions.

This was a method of creating each question manually one by one. Bytecasting also gives us an option to Upload multiple questions. So lets try uploading bulk questions

Add Bulk Upload

Click on the Add New Question icon and scroll down. We see a option of Bulk Upload.

In the bottom of the rules to upload file there is an option to Download the sample CSV file.

Once the Sample file is downloaded, we can fill it with the relevant questions and answers as per the rules mentioned.

Set Question According to CSV File Format

The first column is Question Type which should not get confused with serial number.

For match the following type, the 4 th and 6 th Column contain the pair wise answers.

Once the csv is completed with all the questions to be added, we can now upload it using the bulk upload option.

Questions will be uploaded and displayed in the Question Bank that we created.