Navigate to Create Assessment

Assessments can be created by Admins to assign to users. Assessments as the name suggests are test papers used to quiz or test understanding of the user.

The Admin can create an assessment by using the left menu option Assessment -> Manage Assessments


Click on the The Create an Assessment card on the dashboard. This redirects the admin to the Manage Assessment page where all previously made assessments are also available

Create Assessment

Click on the Create button and fill out details of the assessment, like Name, Start and End dates, Start and end Times and duration of the assessment.

We can opt for using an existing Question Bank or we can create a new question bank. Click here to learn on how to create a new question bank.

Lets use an existing Question Bank and proceed.

Adding Questions in Assessment

This takes us to Add Random Questions.
Random questions are assigned on the basis of the LEVEL of the questions. These levels are configured when we create the questions in the question bank. Refer to Creating a Question Bank

Select the number of questions from each Level. We have an option to add more questions banks.

This gives us the ability to add more questions from a different set of question banks.

Assigning the Assessment to Users

We can assign individual specific users or to a batch of users. Once we are done with adding questions from question banks, the next step is to assign this Assessment to the users.

We can proceed to the Next page by clicking on the Proceed to Assign users
Once the users are assigned to the Assessment, click on the Finish button and the assessment is successfully complete!

Viewing the Assigned Assessment

There are two simple ways to access the Assigned assessments.

1. There is an Assessment card available on the users Dashboard that shows the number of assigned assessments.

2. Option from the Left Menu. Assessments View Assigned Assessments.

This takes you to the View Assigned Assessments page. This displays a list of all assessments assigned to the User.

Start Assessment option is available. If user has already attempted the Assessment earlier, then a restart Assessment option will be available.

Attempting the Assessment

Once we click on Start/Restart Assessment, the page re-directs us to the Assessment Instruction Page.

This shows us details about the number of questions and the time we have to finish this assessment and any specific instruction for this Assessment will be displayed here.

Once we Start the test now, a new page is displayed with questions and a Clock timer showing the time left before the assessment ends.

Assessment Progress

The upper bar shows us the Progress till the end. User can navigate to the Next question after attempting or leaving it blank.

End Test Option is available if the user wants to quit the test midway or without turning in the answers.

Submit Test option to submit all the answers.

Advanced Navigation View (optional)

User can change the view of the Timer and the Question Tracking Legend is displayed

Submit Test

User can click on the Submit Test anytime within the assessment and will be displayed with a confirmation window. If user selects to submit all answers, a successfully page is displayed where the user can review his answers

Reviewing Answers

We provide an option to review your answers after the assessment is submitted where the Answer status for each question is displayed.

User can click on the View Details and we provide the user the review and understand the correct options for the answers

View Assigned Assessments

This can be seen in the dashboard view like this, or can be accessed from the menu.

Attempting an assessment

User can select the Assessment and click on the Start button.

This starts the assessment for the user.

User can submit or End the test anytime between or after finishing the Test.

Option to review the answers is displayed in the app, almost similar to the Web interace

Click here to view My Assessment Report.

Click here to view Assessment report.

Click here to view My Assessment Report in App.